Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, here we go with the big project on our 100+ year-old Ann Arbor, Michigan house. We discovered (by talking to numerous contractors) that adding a downstairs bathroom in the closet of our study (left) would affect the light and space in the kitchen (right) in a major way. Mary Beth the mom refused to cook in a cave. The kitchen had always been a weirdly laid-out space, and it was beat! We were down to one working burner on the stove, trim and cabinet doors falling off, a linoleum floor that barely spiffed up with bleach, etc....
Another priority was new windows for the back porch, because the heavy old glass ones were falling down and falling apart. And Mary Beth hated how the first view of interior from the back door was basement stairs. Suddenly, our bathroom project was growing in a gutting of the whole back of the house!


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