Monday, May 22, 2006

Enter this way...

Okay, now we've got the deck landing built for the entrance. Hopefully this first photo facing west from the inside, and second facing east from the outside, give a sense of what it will be like. There's also stairs in two directions to come (on the outside). So people come in right on the floor level now, instead of twisting through the basement step entrance. There will be a column outside that matches the front porch at the point where the plastic wrap is now draping here to the right (we hired Christo to do the wrap, after he took a break from Central Park... just kidding...).
It's been a little chilly inside on these 40-degree nights. I'd be lying if I didn't admit it. Oh well, eyes on the prize.
And to conclude with an "I'm the dummy comment": I just found out that you, our reading public, can post comments to the blog. Duh... Let us know what you think!


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