Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Found out about the foundation

Well, code says you need a 42 inch foundation under walls, and the back porch only had about 30. It was a surprise to the architect but Cameron the builder started to suspect trouble when he saw how poorly the back porch was built (which had led to cracking roof beams, unaufficiently supported walls, etc...). So in addition to rebuilding the porch walls, his guys dug had to dig under the side walls around the porch. Then they got the city foundation inspection when they were getting it for the new foundation they knew they had to pour around the new back landing anyway. For Mother's Day, the Lewis guys all dug under the back wall--inspection is today. Hopefully that will get us back on track soon. We're praying the inspector lets us just fill the old rainwater cistern under the back wall, but Cameron is preparing us for a required breakup and dig out.
Meanwhile, Max is pretending to surf the pile of fill dirt....


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