Friday, May 05, 2006

Stripped to the Bone

Who would think how much demolition could be accomplished in one week?! Gone is the floor, walls, shelves, cabinets, steps in, sidewalk outside--even the kitchen sink! Cameron and crew are stripping this old house to the bone, so they can start over fresh and new. Supposedly that's how it should be done... They've filled two huge dumpsters with what they've torn out. The nice open space is nice--a hint of what's to come...
The picture to the left above shows the new overhead beam above the former separation between the back porch and kitchen, plus the leveled-off new floor (the back porch was once an exterior porch and sloped at about a 15-degree angle toward the windows) and plywood subflooring. The open square to the right has no plywood yet because that will be the new entrance, and they're waiting until they open the wall to lay a big piece all the way through to the vestibule (no seam that way). Glad they didn't open it up yet--it's supposed to be 32 degrees tonight! However, the nasty old guillotine windows have been breaking on the workmen, so some are just screens now. At least they get to enjoy the white dogwood in bloom as they work.


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