West Jefferson St. House Project

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tiling away

Cameron talked us into tile for the shower--I hope it won't be too chilly in the cold. I insisted on a grout color other than white, because I can never get that clean. Cameron then talked us into tile for the floor by bringing home a blue box that everyone who sees it falls in love with--or else they really fake it well. So that's all under way.
And we picked a cool white wall color, probably for kitchen and bath.
And Clayton spent his birthday cleaning up wallboard dust throughout the house. Me too, cause it's not a one-person job. But that's supposed to be the messiest part--unless we end up sanding wood. Then that will be the messiest part.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally the wallboard!

We made it through the inspection, and now we can't walk through the walls anymore... Wallboard really feels like the beginning of the end, but Cameron (and his wife, our friend Kristin) repeatedly remind us it's better to think of it as halfway.
We'll take halfway. We'll take it.
(Some neighbors around the corner arrived at wallboard this week after 13 months of home remodeling--so two months seems not bad at all... and we remind ourselves it's not only the worst dust we've experienced, but also we won't experience it that bad again in this project, which is our only project imaginable at this point....)

While we wait to pass inspections

Hasn't been a big couple of weeks on the inside due to inspection headaches (Do you know the old house blues?). However that's made time for cedar siding and doors and even the beginning of steps on the outside. We decided to use Trex recycled plastic for the step surfaces, and more cedar for the side riser part. It looks nice on other houses we've seen, and it's what Cameron recommends.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Windows and insulation: a big week

The windows went in this week--Weathershield double-hungs with sun-gray glass. Big improvement over the old guillotine windows. And that other stuff stuffed everywhere (including the ceiling) is a spray foam insulation with soybean oil. Clayton, at right, is contemplating this strange idea of staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter... Will it work? In our kitchen????

Friday, June 02, 2006

An outlet for every mood....

Unbelievable how many outlets are required in modern kitchens by city code. Somebody somewhere had a bad dream about the mixer cord crossing with the coffeemaker cord...

Future showers of America

At left is the pretty copper tubing around the new shower-to-be. Good news is that we passed rough plumbing and electrical inspections this week. We had a lot of both plumbing and electrical to inspect! Ah yes, opening up an old house is opening a Pandora's box... Note the new white plastic pipes in the scary site of upstairs plumbing work (right). Would have burst at some point on our new kitchen ceiling if we hadn't done that work...